The COOKIE’S Peanut Butter Company is a registered company and peanut butter manufacturer in the Philippines. It is located at Binan Laguna City, Philippines .Cookie’s Peanut Butter manufactures the brand’s flagship products, which are Cookie’s Peanut Butter, Cookie’s Cashew Butter, and Cookie’s Peanut Butter Pangluto as well as Mani Ni Cookie and Kasuy Ni Cookie.

The peanut butter manufacturing plant is big. It is located exactly at Binan Laguna. Currently we have 35 employees. including a chef, cook and more

Made of all-natural ingredients with absolutely no preservatives, Cookie’s Peanut Butter is proudly made in the amazing city of Binan, Laguna – hometown of the man who developed its delicious recipe, Cookie Yatco. Cookie’s Peanut Butter is initially a homemade product that Joy Abalos-Yatco prepares in her own kitchen as a special gift to family and close friends especially during the holidays. The brand is an instant hit amongst family and friends that Joy and her husband, Cookie Yatco decided to distribute the product commercially in order to share it to mainstream consumers and to provide long-term jobs to a lot of people.

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